Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Al Bundy's: Dodge Dart

Al Bundy's - Dodge Dart 

 Jefferson Darcy: Finally selling the Dodge, huh Al?
Al Bundy: Yeah, it's like giving up one of your children but none of the joy.
Al Bundy's car is actually a 1971-2 Plymouth Duster playing a Dodge. The Plymouth was actually a beautiful Iceland Blue with 99,000 miles on the odometer, until the used car lot had painted Sahara Tan, and rolled back the odometer to 18,000 original miles. In the early years Dodge was rusted Grimed Sahara Tan until the car had gone through the Scott's Royal Scrub House Car Wash on an episode, and it turned out to be a beautiful shiny Tor Red which was the original color that Al remembers buying to find out the car hadn't been washed in over 20 years which had tons of dirt, grime, and dust on it. Ed O'Neill was the only member of the Married With Children cast to appear in every episode. 
"In real life the car is actually in Ed O'Neill's private collection." -IMDB

Another Married With Children motivational - demotivational poster - meme.
Ed O'Neill
Katey Sagal
Christina Applegate
David Faustino
Amanda Bearse
David Garrison
Ted McGinley
E.E. Bell
Harold Sylvester
Dan Tullis, Jr.
Tom McCleister
Juliet Tablak
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Frank Lloyd
Al Bundy
Peggy Bundy
Kelly Bundy
Bud Bundy
Steven Rhoades
Jefferson D'Arcy
Bob Rooney
Officer Dan

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