Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taxing The Rich And Corporations

You know  I am pretty sick and tired of listening to republicans talk about how business needs to keep more of their money instead of closing tax loopholes or letting the Bush tax cuts expire. The US corporate tax level after they jump through all the loopholes is the second lowest of 1st world countries.

In my opinion they have had their chance to creates jobs for 10 years and they have failed. The republicans made outsourcing and offshoring more profitable to big business and together they have sold out the American people. It's been clear that trickle down economics is a failure. Extending the Bush tax cuts is absolutely no guarantee that any jobs will be created in America.

So what to do? Let the Bush tax give-aways expire. Close the corporate tax loopholes... Let the federal government start collecting the monies and creating jobs themselves. We could start building and expanding schools instead of closing them. We could also rehire the thousands and thousands of teachers that have been let go ever since Bush started gutting our schools and infrastructure. We could even hire more teachers and teachers aids...

We could also start investing in green jobs and green technology. 

Stick it to the people that sold us out in the first place and use the money to start correcting the mess they created. I mean seriously. The republican solution is to lower taxes for the rich and corporations even more. They do not care one bit about the real people that make America what it is. If you are not going to create American jobs but want to do business in America. You are going to have to open up your pocketbook.

What have republicans done since taking the House?
  • Held unemployment benefits hostage for millions of Americans until the Bush tax cuts for the rich only were extended. 
  • Attacked Family Planning and most every other social program.
  • Held raising the debt limit hostage to again extend the Bush tax cuts to the rich only.(The republicans raised the debt ceiling 7 times for George W, Bush with absolutely zero demands).
  • Demand cuts to social programs while demanding absolutely no sacrifices by the rich are on the table.
When you walk in to the polls to vote. Very seriously think about just who is on your side. All these budget cuts. Will NOT lower OUR taxes. All that cutting these programs will do is pass the cost down to us in other forms. Higher property taxes. Higher prices for building permits. Higher state taxes. Higher sales taxes...

They will be killing close to one million jobs if they get their way and our taxes won't go down. If anything they will go up on the state and local levels.

It is just allowing the rich and corporations to horde even more of their money and passing more and more of the burden for sustaining a decent society on to the little guys.

Republicans are not the real American peoples friend.